medical assistants

Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assisting jobs are expected to be one of the fastest growing employment opportunities over the next decade. For a myriad of reasons including an aging population, cutbacks in health care expenditures, and greater demand for medical assistants, jobs are poised to grow over thirty four percent according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which can be found in our medical assistant links section. This is much faster than the national average, and can be traced to an exceptional need for medical assistants to manage common and growing health issues like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Formal medical assistant training and medical assistant certification will help your job prospects tremendously.

Another reason for the big increase in jobs is the growing number of outpatient clinics cropping up around the country. In order to be profitable these outpatient clinics, largely of a primary care nature, will hire large numbers of medical assistants, which in turn will allow more patients to be seen. Doctors employed by such clinics will then be able to care for greater numbers since part of their workload will be offloaded to the MAs.