medical assistants

Medical Assistant Pay and Salary

Medical assistants make a wide range of salaries. Part of this variation is due to the large number of variables in their employment, which includes work setting, experience, and geographic location. Naturally, employers in high cost of living areas (such as cities) will pay more than their rural counterparts. The average wage of a medical assistant is twenty eight thousand, three hundred dollars. The middle group of twenty five percent above and twenty five below earns between twenty three thousand and thirty three thousand. The top ten percent earned close to forty thousand dollars a year, not a bad living at all!

Generally speaking, hospitals may the most, close to thirty thousand dollars per year on average. Colleges and other schools rank slightly lower, around twenty nine thousand, and physician offices and outpatient primary care centers follow closely behind at a comparable level. Rounding up the rear, medical assistants in the offices of other health practitioners earn only around twenty five thousand per year.

All of these figures are averages, and thus should not be considered absolute. As you may have gathered, experience is a key both in starting salary and promotional benefits, so one must consider the effect of raises and other compensation in the total salary package. With health care being so expensive, benefits are also a vital consideration in determining true salaries. There are many different kinds of medical assistant jobs, and usually you can find one that fits, though you may have to compromise salary for more desired working conditions (less holiday/weekend work, more stressful hospital environment, etc.)